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This is a draft version of a bibliography of Joan Aiken. I started it some years ago, and never quite got round to finishing it. It seems to me that it is still worth presenting here, in case it is of interest to anyone.

I have kept putting off releasing these pages for a long time because I expected to tidy them up "real soon now". Since that event keeps receding into the future, it seems sensible to just put up what I have, in the hope it might be of some user. Caveat lector...

March 2009: I never did get round to doing any more work on these pages, but now there is an official Joan Aiken website, at, which I heartily recommend.

It was never my intent to provide a full bibliography, of the sort that elucidates each and every edition of a writer's work, but rather to indicate the principle publications of each book and short story. I was truly amazed when I realised the breadth of Joan Aiken's work, and that several of my favourite books were indeed by the same author, and this work actually grew from a simple attempt to make a list of what I had and had not read by her.

Readers should note there are various limitations on the information contained within this partial bibliography.

Note: All illustrations by Pat Marriott are copyright Jonathan Cape.

Books in alphabetical order
The books, in alphabetical order by UK and USA editions. Foreign editions are listed under the volume that they are translated from, unless they are original works (i.e., not direct translations). Coverage should be complete for UK editions, and near to complete for USA editions (except the most recent).
NB: Here is some stuff that may still need to be merged in.
Books and stories in chronological order
Listed in order of first publication data.
This section needs completing from the other sections
Contents of collections
The contents of each short story collection, in alphabetical order of collection title. Only UK and USA collections are listed.
Short stories
The names of all the short stories (including the Arabel and Mortimer stories), and gives a brief reference to all appearances of that story of which I am aware. Those collections that are detailed elsewhere in this bibliography are simply named in the list. Magazines are named, and the details of which issue are given. Other collections are specified completely as they occur.
Books which form series (notably the Jamie III series), in internal chronological order.
Armitage family stories
A list of all the stories concerning the Armitage family, and where they are to be found.
Plays and performances
A list of the media versions of Joan Aiken's works, with first performance dates and details where available. It includes Jackanory stories, TV plays and series, stage plays and recorded readings, but is doubtless very incomplete.
Non-fiction articles
Articles written by Joan Aiken. This list is presumably very incomplete, but should be of interest anyway.
Publishers' short forms
The abbreviations used for publishers elsewhere in the bibliography.
Reference works used
The main sources which I consulted (apart from my own book collection).

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