Anchors and references

The following table translates names to keys. In addition:

BredAnBawnInABr'Bred an Bawn in a Briar-patch' - Dialect and language in children's books
/pi/InTheSky pi in the sky
??? ???
ABatchOfMagicWaA batch of magic wands
ABedForTheNightA bed for the night
ABundleOfNervesA bundle of nerves
ACallAtTheJonesA call at the Joneses'
AClusterOfSeparA cluster of separate sparks
AFreeGift A free gift
AGameOfBlackAndA game of black and white
AGooseOnYourGraA goose on your grave
AHandfulOfDark-A handful of dark-blue fur
AHarpOfFishboneA harp of fishbones
AJarOfCobblestoA jar of cobblestones
ALeafInTheShapeA leaf in the shape of a key
ALegFullOfRubieA leg full of rubies
ALongDayWithoutA long day without water
ALongWayToSwim A long way to swim
AMermaidTooManyA mermaid too many
ANecklaceOfRainA necklace of raindrops
APortableElephaA portable elephant
ARoomFullOfLeavA room full of leaves
ASetForEverySheA set for every sheep
AShortDirectoryA short directory of Kent
ASmallPinchOfWeA small pinch of weather
ATaxiToSolitudeA taxi to solitude
AThreadOfMysterA thread of mystery
ATouchOfChill A touch of chill
ATrainFullOfWarA train full of war-lords
ATrayOfTea A tray of tea
AViewOfTheHeathA view of the heath
AWalkInTheWood A walk in the wood
AWhisperInTheNiA whisper in the night
AirOnAnEscalatoAir on an escalator
Algebra Algebra
AllAndMore All and more
AllButAFew All but a few
AllYou'veEverWaAll you've ever wanted
AlltDuOnskat Allt du önskat
AmericanBookPubAmerican book publishing record
AmmenooitnietZeAmmenooitniet zei de raaf
AnschlagAufNantAnschlag auf Nantucket
ApolloAndDaphneApollo and Daphne
ArabelAndMortimArabel and Mortimer
ArabelAndTheEscArabel and the escaped black mamba
ArabelUndMortimArabel und Mortimer auf Kreuzfahrt
Arabel'sBirthdaArabel's birthday
Arabel'sRaven Arabel's raven
Armitage,ArmitaArmitage, Armitage, fly away home
AsGayAsCheese As gay as cheese
AsGoodAsAFeast?As good as a feast?
AuntJezebel'sHoAunt Jezebel's house
AuntSusan Aunt Susan
BabaYaga'sDaughBaba Yaga's daughter
BadDream Bad dream
Battersea-JoNoWBattersea-jô no warumonotachi
BelleOfTheBall Belle of the ball
BetweenFamilyAnBetween family and fantasy: an author's perspectives on children's books
BewareOfTheBouqBeware of the bouquet
BlackHeartsInBaBlack hearts in Battersea
BlindPassager Blind Passager
Books2 Books 2
BooksInPrint Books in print
Books:JournalOfBooks: journal of the National Book League 2
Bridge Bridge
Bridget'sHat Bridget's hat
BridleTheWind Bridle the wind
BritishLibraryCBritish Library Catalogue
BritishBooksInPBritish books in print
BroomsticksAndSBroomsticks and sardines
CanadianPeriodiCanadian periodical index
CastleBarebane Castle Barebane
Cat Cat
Cat'sCradle Cat's cradle
CatchTheChristmCatch the Christmas train
ChangeOfWind Change of wind
CharterFlight Charter flight
Cherrystones Cherrystones
Children'sAuthoChildren's authors and illustrators
Children'sLiterChildren's literature - an annotated bibliography of the history & criticism
Children'sLiterChildren's literature in education
ChristmasAtTroyChristmas at Troy
CleanSheets Clean sheets
Clem'sDream Clem's dream
ComeFleeWithMe Come flee with me
ComtesseDeSegurComtesse de Ségur
ContemporaryAutContemporary authors - new revision series
CooksAndProphecCooks and prophecies
Cricket Cricket
CrimeFiction Crime fiction 1749-1980: a comprehensive bibliography
Crusader'sToby Crusader's Toby
DangerousJourneDangerous journey
DarkInterval Dark interval
DasLachelnDesFrDas Lächeln des Fremden: Roman
DasMadchenAusPaDas Mädchen aus Paris
DasTodesparfum Das Todesparfüm: Krimanlroman
DeGemeneGouvernDe Gemene Gouvernante
DeadLanguageMasDead language master
Deception Deception
DerFlusterndeBeDer Flüsternde Berg
DerZauberschatzDer Zauberschatz von Astalon
DerEingerahmteSDer eingerahmte Sonnenuntergang
DeutscheBibliogDeutsche bibliographie
DidoAndPa Dido and Pa
DieInselDesSchrDie Insel des Schreckens
DieKristallkrahDie Kristallkrähe: Roman
DieLadyAusCornwDie Lady aus Cornwall
DieVerschwundenDie verschwundene Tante: Roman
DiedOnARainySunDied on a rainy Sunday: a novel
DoItYourself Do it yourself
DoYouDigGrieg? Do you dig Grieg?
Doll'sHouseToLeDoll's house to let, mod. con.
DollyDolittle'sDolly Dolittle's crime club:
Don'tPayThePostDon't pay the postman
DownBelow Down below
DragonMonday Dragon Monday
EinHauchVonFrosEin Hauch von Frost
EinKichernInDerEin Kichern in der Luft
EinRaunenInDerNEin Raunen in der Nacht
Elephant'sEar Elephant's ear
EskimoLegend Eskimo legend
Fable Fable
FictionCatalog Fiction catalog
Fiction:1876-19Fiction: 1876-1983
FindersKeepers Finders keepers
FiveGreenMoons Five green moons
FiveMinuteMarriFive minute marriage
FogHounds Fog hounds
FogHounds,WindCFog hounds, wind cats, sea mice
FollowMyFancy Follow my fancy
Footprints Footprints
FoulMatter Foul matter
FruitThought Fruit thought
FurryNight Furry night
GayAsCheese Gay as cheese
Geh,ZugleDenStuGeh, zügle den Sturm
GoSaddleTheSea Go saddle the sea
Go,BridleTheStoGo, bridle the storm
GothicNovelsOfTGothic novels of the twentieth century
Grandfather Grandfather
GuideToLondon Guide to London
Ha-ZeevimMeahuzHa-Zeevim meahuzzat Willoughby
HandOver Hand over
HangingMatter Hanging matter
Harriet'sBirthdHarriet's birthday present
Harriet'sHairloHarriet's hairloom
HateBeginsAtHomHate begins at home
"He" "He"
He'dJustComeFroHe'd just come from the churchyard
HetGeheimVanDeGHet geheim van de Gouden Harp
HistoryToday History Today
HitAndRun Hit and run
Homer'sWhistle Homer's whistle
Hope Hope
HornBook Horn book
HouseOnCapeCod House on Cape Cod
HowToFindOutAboHow to find out about children's literature
HowToKeepTheReaHow to keep the reader on the edge of the chair
Humblepuppy Humblepuppy
IHave I have
If If
IfYouMarryAgainIf you marry again
InTheOldHouse In the old house
IndexTranslatioIndex translationum
InternationalChInternational children's book day messages
Issizdere'ninKuIssizdere'nin kurtlari
JohnSculpinAndTJohn Sculpin and the witches
John'sSong John's song
JuggedHare Jugged hare
JuniorSequel Junior sequel
KeinTagWieJederKein Tag wie jeder andre
KissFromAStrangKiss from a stranger
KissYourHandToTKiss your hand to the magpie
L'aubergeDeL'anL'auberge de l'Ange-Gardien
LastMovement Last movement
LeftHand,RightHLeft hand, right hand
LetterToABoyInLLetter to a boy in Leicester
LexikonDerKindeLexikon der Kinder- und Jungendliteratur
Listening Listening
Lob'sGirl Lob's girl
Lodgers Lodgers
LodgingForTheNiLodging for the night
LondonTimesSatuLondon Times Saturday Review
LookOutForThePlLook out for the platform
LookingAfterRosLooking after Rosa
Lost-OnePairOfLLost - one pair of legs
ManAndOwl Man and owl
ManagingWithoutManaging without the moon
MansfieldPark Mansfield Park
MansfieldRevisiMansfield revisited
MarmaladeWine Marmalade wine
Memory Memory
Merminster Merminster
Mice Mice
MiceAndMendelsoMice and Mendelson
MidnightIsAPlacMidnight is a place
Minette Minette
MissHooting'sLeMiss Hooting's legacy
MissSpitfire Miss Spitfire
MomentOfHazard Moment of hazard
MonthlyMurders Monthly murders
MoonMill Moon mill
MoonshineInTheMMoonshine in the mustard pot
MoreThanYouBargMore than you bargained for
MortaInUnaDomenMorta in una domenica di pioggia
MortimerAndTheSMortimer and the sword Excalibur
MortimerSaysNotMortimer says nothing
Mortimer'sCrossMortimer's Cross
Mortimer'sPortrMortimer's portrait on glass
Mortimer'sTie Mortimer's tie
MotorwayReflectMotorway reflection
Mousework Mousework
MrJones'sRestCuMr Jones's rest cure
MrMendelsonGoesMr Mendelson goes backwards
MrMendelsonLearMr Mendelson learns to fly
MrsChatterbox Mrs Chatterbox
MrsConsidine Mrs Considine
MrsNutti'sFirepMrs Nutti's fireplace
MusiciansOutOfWMusicians out of work
MyBrother'sDreaMy brother's dream
MyFatherRemembeMy father remembers
NesfaIndexToTheNESFA index to the SF magazines
NamingNames Naming names
Nate'sSong Nate's song
NationalUnionCaNational Union Catalogue of the Library of Congress
NewYorkSewers New York sewers
NightFall Night fall
NightLandscape Night landscape
NightbirdsOnNanNightbirds on Nantucket
NoRavensInTheLiNo ravens in the library
NontucketNoYachNontucket no yachô
NotWhatYouExpecNot what you expected: a collection of short stories
Nutshells,SeashNutshells, seashells
OldFillikin Old Fillikin
OnheilOverHeronOnheil over Herondale
OurFeatheredFriOur feathered friends
Outing Outing
PalaceCook'sTalPalace cook's tale
PastEightO'clocPast eight o'clock: Goodnight stories
PastryInTheSky Pastry in the sky
PicnicArea Picnic area
PigeonCakeForMiPigeon cake for Miss Samphire
PlaneThinking Plane thinking
PlottingTheChilPlotting the children's novel
Postman'sKnock Postman's knock
Potter'sGray Potter's Gray
Power-Cut Power-cut
Prelude-ToTheArPrelude - to the Armitage stories
Proverbs Proverbs
PurelyForLove Purely for love
QuarterlyJournaQuarterly journal of the Library of Congress
RabenHabenKeineRaben haben keinen Zutritt
RabenschwarzeGeRabenschwarze Geschichten
Reader'sGuideToReader's guide to periodical literature
RegencyRomp Regency romp
RegenswassergasRegenswassergasse Nummer sechs
ReturnToNowhereReturn to nowhere
RhymeForNight Rhyme for night
RocketFullOfPieRocket full of pie
SfStoryIndex SF story index
SafeAndSoundproSafe and soundproof
Sailor'sLegendsSailor's legends
SasayakiyamaNoHSasayakiyama no himitsu
SchattenDesUnheSchatten des Unheils: Roman
SchrecklicheGesSchreckliche Geschichten und Cartoons
SeaMice Sea mice
SearchingForSumSearching for summer
Sequel Sequel
SheWasAfraidOfUShe was afraid of upstairs
ShizukuNoKubikaShizuku no kubikazari
ShortStoryIndexShort story index
Smell Smell
SmokeFromCromweSmoke from Cromwell's time
Snail Snail
SnowHorse Snow horse
SocksAndShocks Socks and shocks
SocksForTheSireSocks for the sirens
SomeMusicForTheSome music for the wicked Countess
SomethingAboutTSomething about the author
SomethingAboutASomething about the author - autobiography series
SonataForHarpAnSonata for harp and bicycle
Street Street
Sultan'sSplash Sultan's splash
Sultan:AFriend Sultan: a friend
SummerByTheSea Summer by the sea
SweetSingeingInSweet singeing in the choir
SylviaEtBonnieASylvia et Bonnie au pays des loups
TaleOfAOne-WaySTale of a one-way street
TalesOfArabel'sTales of Arabel's raven
TeaAtRavensburgTea at Ravensburgh
ThatLongWetSummThat long wet summer
TheAngelInn The Angel Inn
TheCuckooTree The Cuckoo Tree
TheDoge'sRing The Doge's ring
TheMooncusser'sThe Mooncusser's daughter
TheSewaneeGlideThe Sewanee glide
TheVenetianPrinThe Venetian Princess
TheWhisperingMoThe Whispering Mountain
TheAlarmCock The alarm cock
TheAppleOfTroubThe apple of trouble
TheBagOfTime The bag of time
TheBaker'sCat The baker's cat
TheBalladOfNewiThe ballad of Newington Green
TheBirthdayPartThe birthday party
TheBlackCliffs The black cliffs
TheBlades The blades
TheBogPeople The bog people
TheBookReviewDiThe book review digest
TheBoyWhoReadAlThe boy who read aloud
TheBoyWithAWolfThe boy with a wolf's foot
TheBratWhoKnewTThe brat who knew too much
TheBreadBin The bread bin
TheButterflyPicThe butterfly picnic
TheCatSatOnTheMThe cat sat on the mat
TheCatWhoLivedIThe cat who lived in a drainpipe
TheCat-FlapAndTThe cat-flap and the apple-pie
TheColdFlame The cold flame
TheCompanion The companion
TheCostOfNight The cost of night
TheCrystalCrow The crystal crow
TheCuckooTree The cuckoo tree
TheDarkStreetsOThe dark streets of Kimball's Green
TheDogOnTheRoofThe dog on the roof
TheDreamers The dreamers
TheDriver The driver
TheElvesInTheShThe elves in the shelves
TheEmbroideredSThe embroidered sunset
TheEscapedBlackThe escaped black mamba
TheFaithlessLolThe faithless lollybird
TheFarForests The far forests
TheFieryChristmThe fiery Christmas trees
TheFireDogs The fire dogs
TheFishermanWriThe fisherman writes a letter to the mermaid
TheFive-MinuteMThe five-minute marriage
TheFortuneHunteThe fortune hunters
TheFrozenCuckooThe frozen cuckoo
TheGardenerAndTThe gardener and the fork
TheGhostlyGoverThe ghostly governess
TheGiftPig The gift pig
TheGift-Giving The gift-giving
TheGirlFromPariThe girl from Paris
TheGolden-FleecThe golden-fleeced ram and the hundred elephants
TheGoodbyeSong The goodbye song
TheGooseGirl The goose girl
TheGreenFlash The green flash
TheHappiestSheeThe happiest sheep in London
TheHelper The helper
TheHunchbackOfBThe hunchback of Brook Green
TheImprisonedQuThe imprisoned queen
TheKingWhoDeclaThe king who declared war on the animals
TheKingWhoStoodThe king who stood all night
TheKingdomAndThThe kingdom and the cave
TheKingdomUnderThe kingdom under the sea
TheKitchenWarriThe kitchen warriors
TheLameKing The lame king
TheLandOfTreesAThe land of trees and heroes
TheLastChimneyCThe last chimney cuckoo
TheLastSliceOfRThe last slice of rainbow
TheLastSpecimenThe last specimen
TheLightningTreThe lightning tree
TheLilacInTheLaThe lilac in the lake
TheLions The lions
TheLiteratureOfThe literature of fantasy
TheLobster'sBirThe lobster's birthday
TheLooking-GlasThe looking-glass tree
TheLostFiveMinuThe lost five minutes
TheMagicIron The magic iron
TheManWhoHadSeeThe man who had seen the rope trick
TheManWhoPincheThe man who pinched God's letter
TheManWhoStoppeThe man who stopped the birds
TheMidnightRoseThe midnight rose
TheMissingHeir The missing heir
TheMysteriousBaThe mysterious barricades
TheMysteryOfMrJThe mystery of Mr Jones' disappearing taxi
TheNightTheStarThe night the stars were gone
TheOldPoet The old poet
TheParrotPirateThe parrot pirate princess
ThePatchworkQuiThe patchwork quilt
ThePearTree The pear tree
ThePeopleInTheCThe people in the castle
ThePrinceOfDarkThe prince of darkness
ThePunishment The punishment
TheQueenOfTheMoThe queen of the moon
TheQueenWithScrThe queen with screaming hair
TheQueenWithScrThe queen with screaming hair
TheRainChild The rain child
TheReedGirl The reed girl
TheRentedSwan The rented swan
TheRibsOfDeath The ribs of death
TheRiverBoy The river boy
TheRockingDonkeThe rocking donkey
TheRoseOfPuddleThe rose of Puddle Fratrum
TheSaleOfMidsumThe sale of midsummer
TheSerialGardenThe serial garden
TheShadowGuestsThe shadow guests
TheShadowOnTheMThe shadow on the map
TheSilenceOfHerThe silence of Herondale
TheSkinSpinnersThe skin spinners
TheSmile The smile
TheSmileOfTheStThe smile of the stranger
TheSpiderInTheBThe spider in the bath
TheSpiralStair The spiral stair
TheStolenLake The stolen lake
TheStolenQuinceThe stolen quince tree
TheStoryAboutCaThe story about Caruso
TheSun'sCousin The sun's cousin
TheSun-God'sCasThe sun-god's castle
TheSwanChild The swan child
TheThirdWish The third wish
TheThornyParadiThe thorny paradise: writers on writing for children
TheThreeTravellThe three travellers
TheTractor,TheDThe tractor,the duck and the drum
TheTreeThatLoveThe tree that loved a girl
TheTrueHistoryOThe true history of Good King Wenceslas
TheVoiceInTheShThe voice in the shell
TheWayToWriteFoThe way to write for children
TheWeepingAsh The weeping ash
TheWindowboxWalThe windowbox waltz
TheWindscreenWeThe windscreen weepers and other tales of horror and suspense
TheWindshieldWeThe windshield weepers
TheWolvesAndTheThe wolves and the mermaids
TheWolvesOfWillThe wolves of Willoughby Chase
TheYoungLadyFroThe young lady from Paris
There'sSomeSkyIThere's some sky in this pie
ThinkOfAWord Think of a word
ThoughtsOnPlotsThoughts on plots
TimeToLaugh Time to laugh
TondemonaiGetsuTondemonai getsuyôbi
ToteRedenNichtVTote reden nicht vom Wetter
Traumesuss,kleiTraüme süss, kleine Meggie: Kriminalroman
TreffpunktK Treffpunkt K
TroubleWithProdTrouble with Product X
20CentAuthorBioTwentieth century author biographies
20CentChildrWriTwentieth century children's writers
20CentCrimeMystTwentieth century crime and mystery writers
20CentRomanceGoTwentieth century romance and gothic writers
TwoRaces Two races
TwoTalesOfBurntTwo tales of Burnt Porridge
UmiNoOkoku Umi no ôkoku
UpTheChimneyDowUp the chimney down
VereichnisLiefeVereichnis Lieferbarer Bu%cher
VerschworungAusVerschwörung aus Schloss Battersea
VihanKylvo Vihan Kylvö
VoicesInAnEmptyVoices in an empty house
WolfeUmsSchlossWölfe ums Schloss
WhatSortOfPersoWhat sort of person is this Amanda Jones anyway?
WhoDoneIt? Who done it?
WhoGoesDownThisWho goes down this dark road?
Who'sWhoInChildWho's who in children's books
Who'sWhoInHorroWho's who in horror and fantasy fiction
WilloughbyChesuWilloughby chêsu no okami
WindCat Wind cat
WingQuackFlap Wing Quack Flap
Winterthing Winterthing
Winterthing,AndWinterthing, and The Mooncusser's daughter: two plays for children
WordsOfLove Words of love
Worst-Natur'dMuWorst-natur'd Muse
Writer Writer
Yes,ButTodayIsTYes, but today is Tuesday
YourMindIsAMirrYour mind is a mirror
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