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This is a listing of non-fiction articles. It is presumably very incomplete, but should be of interest anyway.

Reviews in History Today

These were a series of reviews of children's fiction, in the Christmas issues of History Today (a monthly magazine). This was, at the time, edited by Joan Aiken's brother-in-law, Alan Hodge.


Writer - issue 81, May 1968
"Thoughts on plots"
Children's literature in education 2, Jul 1970
"A thread of mystery"
Books 2, National Book League, 1970
"Purely for love"
Books: journal of the National Book League 2, winter 1970
"Purely for love"
Quarterly journal of the Library of Congress, volume 29, issue 4, Oct 1972
"Between family and fantasy: an author's perspectives on children's books"
Children's literature in education 9, Nov 1972
"'Bred an Bawn in a Briar-patch' - Dialect and language in children's books"
Writer - issue 86, Mar 1973
"How to keep the reader on the edge of the chair"
London Times Saturday Review, 14 Apr 1973
"Letter to a boy in Leicester"
Horn book - volume 49, issue 5, Oct 1973
"Letter to a boy in Leicester"
Horn book - volume 50, Oct 1975
"Grandfather" (a poem)
Horn book - volume 50, Apr 1974
"International children's book day messages"
The thorny paradise: writers on writing for children - edited by Edward Blishen - Penguin/Kestrel, 1975
"A free gift"
- note that this is the same as "Purely for love" - see above
Write - issue 88, Dec 1975
"Left hand, right hand"
Horn book - volume 52, Dec 1976
"Comtesse de Ségur" (illustrated)
Writer - issue 93, Mar 1980
"Regency romp"
Writer - issues 95, Apr 1982 and 96, May 1982
"Plotting the children's novel"

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