Publisher's short forms

In the body of the document, most publishers are indicated by an abbreviated form. For British publications, the abbreviations used are:
BBC British Broadcasting Company, London
BBC Publications BBC Publications, London
Cape Jonathan Cape, London
Doubleday (London) Doubleday, London
Elm Tree Elm Tree, London
Fontana Lions Fontana Lions, Collins, London
Gollancz Victor Gollancz, London
Grasshopper (London) "A Grasshopper book" - Abelard Schuman
Henry Ian Henry, Hornchurch
Knight Knight, Hodder and Stoughton, Sevenoaks
Macmillan Macmillan, London
Methuen Methuen (?now Associated Book Publishers?)
NEL New English Library, London
OUP Oxford University Press
Panther Panther, London
Penguin Penguin Books, Harmondsworth
Prior George Prior Publishers, London (note - a subsidiary of GK Hall)
Puffin Puffin Books, part of Penguin Books
Sphere Sphere, London
Topliner "A Topliner paperback" - Macmillan
Ulverscroft Ulverscroft, Leicester
Unicorn Unicorn books, Hutchinson

For American publishers, the abbreviations used are:
Abelard Schuman Abelard Schuman, New York
Ace Ace books, New York
Delacorte Delacorte Press, New York
Dell Dell Publishing Co_., New York
Doubleday Doubleday, Garden City (NY)
GK Hall GK Hall and Co_., Boston, Mass
Harper Harper, New York
Holt Rinehart Holt, Rinehart and Winston, New York
Scribner Scribner, New York
Stemmer Stemmer House, Owings Mills, MD
Viking Viking Press, New York
WSP Washington Square Pr. Inc. (a division of Simon _& Schuster, Inc), New York

For German (FDR) and Swiss publishers:
Oetinger Friedrich Oetinger, Hamburg
Heyne Heyne, Mu%"nchen
Bertelsmann Bertelsmann-Jugenbucherverlag, Gu%"tersloh
Arena Arena, Wu%"rzburg
Diogenes Diogenes-Verlag, Zu%"rich (ie Switzerland)
DTV Deutscher Taschenbuch-Verlag, Mu%"nchen
Herbig Herbig, Mu%"nchen and Berlin
Klett Klett, Ernst, Verlage, Stuttgart

Note: Books published by Puffin, Penguin, Panther, Sphere, Fontana Lions, Knight are all paperback

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