Works referenced

Note: The "Rtext" annotations preceding some titles are Cambridge University Library catalogue references.

Main sources

Contemporary authors - new revision series (CA)
Volume 4, pages 15,16 - up to end of 1980
short, but reasonably complete. Bibliography is for American publications first, and includes "Nightly Deadshade", which is actually by John Aiken, her brother.
An obvious place to start looking.
Twentieth century children's writers (CW)
pages 11-14, first edition
short comment by Joan Aiken, review by John Rowe Townsend. Bibliography up to 1977
A lovely book - the second edition doesn't appear substantially different.
Something about the author (SATA)
volume 30, pages 28-33
includes comments from Joan Aiken, illustrations from her books, and a brief bibliography.
Something about the author - autobiography series (SATA-A)
preprint from Joan Aiken - volume 1, pages 17-37
autobiographical article by Joan Aiken, and a short bibliography (mostly correct)
this article is definitely worth reading
R854.E36 - British books in print (BBIP)
very useful - apart from the earliest volumes, also gives the month of publication
R854.E57 - American book publishing record (ABPR)
very useful - very often gives illustrators and contents where appropriate
R854.G14 - Deutsche bibliographie (DB)
very useful - gives translators and illustrators
R857.675 - Index translationum, UNESCO (IndexTrans)
very useful - Unesco bibliography of translations - well indexed
R725.25 - Short story index
very useful - gives title and name of place published. Up to 1983, USA only.
R907.33 - Reader's guide to periodical literature
very useful - listings, by author and subject, of articles appearing in selected American magazines, etc. Only useful for those magazines it covers, however. Checked up to Jan 1986
R907.75 - Monthly murders, Cooke
listings of the contents of mystery magazines, up to about 1982. Very useful - includes several stories by Joan Aiken, and one by Nicholas Dee
R725.110 - NESFA index to the SF magazines (up to end of 1983)
very useful for the years it covers
R701.12 - Children's literature - an annotated bibliography of the history & criticism, Rahn
a nice book - good brief descriptions of each reference

The following were also very useful

Other works referenced

R700.21 & R700.26 - Twentieth century author biographies
a book of where to look up information on authors
R701.1 - Children's authors and illustrators
R701.3 - Who's who in children's books
a book on the characters - contains references for Dido Twite and Mortimer, etc
R701.4 - How to find out about children's literature
R703.3 - Naming names
pseudonyms - not very useful, but appears to confirm Nicholas Dee
R725.2 - Fiction catalog
interesting. Selection of entries is made by libraries, etc. Each includes publication details, plus a short description of the book. American, up to 1984.
R725.10 - Sequel, Hicken
has The smile of the stranger and The lightning tree as a series.
R725.10 - Junior sequel, Fraser
Volume 2 of Sequel - nothing new, but a nice book
R725.14 - Fiction: 1876-1983
listings compiled from the US volumes of Books in print
R725.20 - SF story index
not terribly useful - the NESFA listings are more relevant (this is better for earlier dates than I need)
R725.45 - Gothic novels of the twentieth century
list of relevant titles, each with comments and NUC number. Up to 1975 for JA. Nice book, but not especially useful to me.
R725.46 - Twentieth century romance and gothic writers
comparable scope to the book on children's writers in the same series
R725.58 - Who done it?
not useful
R725.61 - Twentieth century crime and mystery writers
comparable scope to the book on children's writers in the same series
R725.75 - Words of love, Fallon
a nice book. Nice bibliography of relevant JA books (gives both hardback and paperback publications). NB that it says that The five minute marriage was the first Regency novel to be featured by the Book of the Month club.
R725.95 - The literature of fantasy
listings of the contents of collections - contains three references to Joan Aiken. A nice book
R701.98 - Crime fiction 1749-1980: a comprehensive bibliography
propagates the Come flee with me title
R701.112 - Who's who in horror and fantasy fiction (Ash)
pseudonyms - has Nicholas Dee and Rosie Lee for Joan Aiken
R701.8 - Lexikon der Kinder- und Jungendliteratur
contains information on Joan Aiken in German translation - this was a useful pointer, but it does not contain anything not in the main sources

Still to check

R908.31 - The book review digest
USA, Canada and Britain - fiction title must have had at least 4 reviews in relevant periodicals, and at least one review must be in USA or Canada.
Canadian periodical index

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