Tibs and Joan

You may be looking for the page about a Jomsborg/CUSFS party at Loncon. Otherwise, nothing here has changed in a decade...

Welcome to our homepage. This is still mostly composed of stuff by Tibs (who may be imagined to be speaking when we drop from third person into first).

Programming related

Quite a while back, I wrote a meta language for mxTextTools. If that doeasn't mean anything to you, you're probably not interested...

More recently, I've been doing some work relating to the Docutils project.

Bicycle related

The BikeCode is a way of encoding information about you and your bicycles in a compact manner (amen - or perhaps "ahem").

Other bicycle related matters have their own pages.

Just text

At one time I was working on a partial bibliography of Joan Aiken - a perennially unfinished work.

Some while back I was approached to do an article for a fanzine to be called "Further Reading". Unfortunately, the fanzine seems never to have materialised, but here is my article, Would you trust something you had to pay for? (and here is a version more suitable for printing). It's a bit out-of-date by now, but I still have affection for it.

(In particular, "open source" document licensing has moved on - for instance, see the GNU Free Documentation License, the licenses at OpenContent (now closed) and Creative Commons, and a view on them all at FSF/Documentation Licenses)

Lastly, I have copies of two texts by other people:

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