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I've written various bike related things which are available on the web:

  • I used to own an AnthroTech recumbent tricycle. There's various (rather old) stuff about it on my AnthroTech pages, including a diary of my initial experiences.

    (I've now sold the AnthroTech, to D.Tek, and bought an Ice Trice Q, about which more some other time.)

  • As a pedant and a cyclist with a child trailer, I get irritated by the logo "two wheels good, four wheels bad". So No wheels good is intended as something of an antidote.
  • The BikeCode is yet another variant on the various geek codes, etc., that can be used to encode one's interests into a set of cryptic symbols.

Good stuff

The following are the links I think I like most - they are probably duplicates of stuff below...

(I have not edited this list for a while, and not all links necessarily work any more...)

In no particular order:

I also have a copy of David Martin's Theory of BIG, dating from 1998. There's a more prettily formatted version here (although not with CSS). Unfortunately, I'm not sure how to contact David anymore.


We bought our trailer, and I bought my Ice Trice Q, from Kevin Dunseath at D.Tek (our LRBS - "Local Recumbent Bike Shop"). Kevin doesn't have a website, so I can't link to it. Oh well.

Little Thetford
Cambridgeshire CB6 1BR

We bought our child trailer from Kevin, and I got to try a wide variety of recumbents on one of his "Try a wide variety of recumbents" half-days. The only reason I didn't buy the AnthroTech from him is he doesn't sell them...

I bought my AnthroTech trike from Rob Hague of Westcountry Recumbents (now, confusingly, based in Yorkshire). Despite the distance, he gives very quick response for any questions, and is happy to help by 'phone.

Ben Haywards are our LBS ("Local Bike Shop"). They sell various makes of bike, but we started using them because they're a Trek dealer. They'll also sell you a Moulton, if you want. I find them very friendly and helpful - we buy most of our normal bike stuff (including most of my tools) there. They also do bike repairs (out of a different shop), which I've found good value in the past.

Lastly if I were still in Glasgow, I would doubtless visit Kinetics periodically. There's always something interesting on his web pages.

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