The Only Known Game

Given Rules (GRs)

  1. Equipment: The game equipment consists of a game-board, playing pieces and coloured counters.
  2. Equipment rules: Only those playing pieces that have been placed on the board are in play.
  3. Setting up the game: There are no GRs for setting up the game.
  4. Starting the game: The game starts when a player takes the first turn. After this, the players take turns following the order of play, which is initially cyclic and clockwise. This order of play is always adhered to in the absence of any rules to the contrary.
  5. Taking a turn: In their turn, each player must make a legal move, and then has the option of inventing a rule which is then announced to the other players. The null move is legal until forbidden.
  6. Conditions on Invented Rules (IRs):
    1. GRs take precedence over IRs, any IR not forbidden by a GR is permitted.
    2. IRs come into effect immediately and apply throughout the rest of the game.
    3. IRs must apply with equal validity to all players and all future times.
    4. No IR may refer to positions that occurred before its invention.
    5. No IR may conflict with the game position at the time of its invention.
    6. No IR may conflict with any previously invented IR.
    7. No IR may refer to anything other than the game position and equipment.
    8. Any move or consequence of a move whose legality is not implied by an IR or a GR is forbidden.
    9. No IR may result in a player losing an opportunity to invent a rule during the game.
  7. Finishing the game:
    1. The Game may only be terminated when a result has been awarded.
    2. There are no GRs that award results.
    3. A player may not invent a rule which would award a result that is independent of the game position.
  8. Illegalities: Illegalities do not stand.
  9. The Advanced Game: Provided that all players agree to do so before setting up commences, GRs (1) and (2) may be redefined.

The Only Known Game - created by Mark Bassett and Steve Knight (by whom I assume it to be copyright?). First published in TTBA (the Cambridge University Science Fiction Society magazine) [when???]

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