Docutils work

This is essentially a repository of historical stuff.

Docutils:The Python Documentation Utilities project.
Doc-SIG:The Python Documentation SIG archives
Historical stuff:

This is almost certainly only of interest to me, since it is all well replaced by the current Docutils project.

StructuredTextNG - Format was an attempt, on my part, to provide more formal documentation for Zope's StructuredText replacement. It ends with some proposals I made at the time on how STNG might be amended to make it more predictable and useful.

STpy.html is some documentation I wrote of what I thought (at the time) docutils was trying to do.

fat.html was an attempt by myself to overcome some perceived problems with that.

Plan for ST, Problems with ST, Revised spec and Response to comment (all from November 2000) are David Goodger's postings to the Doc-SIG, which led to Docutils and reStructuredText as we know it.

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