No wheels good...

As a pedant and a cyclist with a child trailer, I get irritated by the logo "two wheels good, four wheels bad". So this is intended as something of an antidote.

Unfortunately I don't have nifty little pictures for each category - any sumbissions gratefully received!

No wheels good
No wheels, just feet.
One wheel good
A unicycle.
Two wheels good
A bicycle (whether standard, safety or recumbent).
Three wheels good
A bicycle and a one-wheel trailer (e.g., a Bob). Or a tricycle.
Four wheels good
A bicycle and a two-wheel trailer (child optional). Or a four wheel HPV (Brox, etc.). Or a wheelchair. Or a pedestrian with a pushchair (so I guess "Three wheels good" should include a pedestrian with a three-wheeled buggy. And don't some racing wheelchairs have three wheels?).

I'm told, however, that a tricycle with a one-wheel trailer is Not a Good Idea.

And there, of course, sense tells us to stop. So I'll carry on.

Five wheels good
A tricycle with a two-wheel trailer. Someone learning to unicyle, using a shopping trolley as a support (or so says a colleague who has seen it done).
Six wheels good
Can a Brox take a trailer?
Seven wheels good
Any suggestions?
Eight wheels good
Roller skates or roller blades. And someone pointed out that Michael's buggy actually has eight wheels. Damn.

The various intermediate numbers stump me, I'm afraid, until we get to...

Twelve wheels good
Learning to roller blade by using a shopping trolley as support (by analogy with the unicycle).

And a partridge in a pear tree. (No, no, that's back to "No wheels good" again...)

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