Jomsborg and CUSFS reunion at Loncon 2014

The next WorldCon is Loncon3, which is in London in 2014. We will be going, and we assume that many ex-Jomsborg and ex-CUSFS members will also be going. So Joan suggested that we should organise a room-party. And including people from Joms-in-exile seems only fair.

The party will be on the Friday, from 6pm, in South Gallery room 19. Apparently we're the last people in there, so we're allowed beyond the normal time-slot of 3 hours.

We shall be bringing some mead, some soft drinks, and some nibbles. We shall have some sticky labels so you can add your affiliation/years to yourself if you want.

Please feel free to bring any interesting memorabilia.

Hoping to attend

  • Tibs: Joms and CUSFS from 1978, then Joms-in-exile
  • Joan Paterson: Joms and Joms-in-exile, from 1982
  • Michael Abbott: Depending on commitments on the day
  • Alan Bellingham and Colette
  • Sebastian Bleasdale: Part of the CUSFS / Joms gestalt entity 1998-2001, occasional visitor thereafter
  • Clare Boothby: Reeve 2005 (P-Reeve)
  • Dave L Clements: CUSFS membership - complicated. Was a hanger on and maybe formal member from ~1990, Joms (in exile) from around then
  • David Damerell
  • Sue Edwards: Joms and CUSFS 1981-4, Joms-in-exile 1997-now
    (Will come if it doesn't clash with the green room)
  • Greer Gilman: Joms and Joms-in-exile from 1974
  • Thomas Goodey: I am the person who founded CUSFS in 1963.
  • Ian Jackson: CUSFS and Joms from 1992-now
  • Phil and Angela Masters: CUSFS 1978-81
  • Matthew D. Reid: Jomsborg and CUSFS (in that order), starting 1990.
  • Marcus Rowland: Joms-in-exile
  • Mike Scott and Flick: Depending on commitments. Mike was CUSFS and Joms from 1982-1985, then Joms in Exile for a while before slowly lapsing.
  • Jenny Scott-Thompson: CUSFS 2005-2008
  • Gwendoline Simmonds: Joms-in-Exile since 1984
  • Uitlander: CUSFS between 1987-90
  • Jack V: Reeve 2006
  • Peter Wareham: CUSFS 1972-1975; Joms 1975; Exile 1977-now
  • Anne Wilson: Depending on commitments on the day

There are currently 36 people hoping to attend, 25 of whom (above) are happy to be named in advance.