Burley child trailer

These pictures were taken by Clare Macrae of the Cambridge Cycling Campaign in May 1998, for the short article I wrote for their newsletter.

Some of the pictures (OK, the first four) have larger versions which you can see by clicking on the image.

Michael through side window
View of Michael through the side window.

Michael through side window
Another view of Michael through the side window.

Michael from front (open)
Michael seen from the front, with the screen up - note that one doesn't cycle like this!

Michael from front (screen up)
The mesh protects the child from any stones or rubbish thrown up by the bike. The optional "window" rolled back over the top also protects from rain and wind.

Bike on side
If the bike falls over, the trailer just dips a bit.

Cycling with trailer
I don't normally cycle this slowly...

Back of trailer
There's quite a lot of luggage space in the back...

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