(What used to be) My AnthroTech recumbent tricycle

Note that I no longer own the tricycle described below. This page is retained purely for historical interest.

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The machine is made by AnthroTech who are based in Eckental in Germany.

I bought it from Rob Hague, who runs Westcountry Recumbents in his spare time.

The machine is a recumbent tadpole trike (i.e., two wheels in the front and one at the back). The rear wheel is driven, the front two wheels steer.

It has clearly been designed for use by real people in normal life, in particular for use in carrying either a large quantity of stuff (on the very large rear rack) or a child (in a child seat attached to same). In the normal Continental Europe manner, it comes complete with just about everything you need to set off, with the odd exception of mirrors.

The frame number is 98 429. It's beautifully placed to be obvious when one is sitting on the trike - I felt really silly for not having spotted it at once (I had to ask Rob where it was when I couldn't find it on the bottom of the machine!).

The main frame is square section steel tubing, with rear suspension (and the rack is "above" the suspension)

The trike is between about 1.50m and 1.95m in length (like all the measurements below, this is taken from the AnthroTech web site). The adjustment is made using two quick release fasteners to move the boom holding the bottom bracket in and out. An extra tensioner below the trike allows about 12cm of adjustment without needing to change the length of the chain.

Maximum load (driver and luggage) is 120kg, and the rack is rated for 30kg.

Components - a horrible mishmash of information from the AnthroTech web site and peering at the machine going "what does that mean?":

Size and weight (from the website):


I've also fitted a Datatag widget in the trike frame, which the local police recommend.

BikeCode0.2 http://www.tibsnjoan.co.uk/bikecode.html
  P: [Tibs] Tc B10 K:++ i29:30" h1.65m n1960 H+:~ v~ A+ M+ Rg-
  B: [AnthroTech]   3tRu U1c w37" Wr19:406 Mfr SAf bDh[Sachs]:C
                    G3x7 8s Lrr1B Cb[Michael] VjsX col[MidnightBlue]
  T: [BurleyD'Lite] 2c2[Thomas] f++ VsX

(Hmm - not accurate at the moment, as I'm lucky if I get to cycle twice a month, and also Thomas has been promoted to the child seat and Michael now gets to stoke, behind Joan, on our Bike Friday Family Traveler [sic]. Ah well, I'll update it one day...).

Author: Tibs (tibs@tibsnjoan.co.uk)