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I (or perhaps more accurately, we) used to own an AnthroTech recumbent trike, and these pages are about it.

The rest of this page has not been changed since before I sold the machine, so please excuse the use of present tense.

I bought it from Rob Hague, who and runs Westcountry Recumbents in his spare time (he used to live near Taunton, hence the name of the company, but has now relocated East Yorkshire).

The machine is a recumbent tadpole trike (i.e., two wheels in the front and one at the back). The rear wheel is driven, the front two wheels steer.

It has clearly been designed for use by real people in normal life, in particular for use in carrying either a large quantity of stuff (on the very large rear rack) or a child (in a child seat attached to same). In the normal Continental Europe manner, it comes complete with just about everything you need to set off, with the odd exception of mirrors.

I have the following offerings hanging off this page:

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