Getting started with the new trike (1999)

When I first got the AnthroTech trike, I was keen to record my experiences. Unfortunately, as is so often the case, I only managed to keep up the diary for a few months. Still, it seems worth leaving around for anyone interested...

Here is the "diary", organised by month. Within each month, the dates run backwards down the file, so the most recent entry is at the top of the file...

And here is my "still to do" list.

Gosh, lots of stuff. Still, only some of it is to do with cycling, so that's what I'll list here...

Update: September 2001.
- Hmm - well, some of those have been done. White lightning seemed to be OK, although I'm now using a different (similar) lubricant (just because that's what the bike shop stock now).
- I've still (touch wood) been lucky with the rear wheel, and have yet to take it off. On the other hand, I've changed punctures and tires on the front wheels, with no problems at all.
- The translation of the AnthroTech brochure never did get finished - somehow it seems less urgent now!
- I've never yet bothered with clipless pedals - it's still something to consider.
- Finally, as far as I can tell, the trike is plenty visible from a car, especially with the trailer. Regardless, it now has lots of "passive" reflective material on it as well. Unfortunately, the Christmas tree lights have yet to be deployed on it - maybe one day.

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